Why the Water Industry

  • India is projected to be a water stressed Nation by 2020 and ranks 120th among 122 Nations in the quality of Potable water availability to the common man.
  • The total Indian water market is estimated to be about USD 12 billion.
  • Today, drinking water investments constitute about 3% of the national budget and as the Nation spearheads into the future, the importance and need for clean water is likely to grow.
  • Only 48% of the urban population and 36% of the rural population has access to drinking water and sanitation services which is not 100% clean.
  • Every year nearly 5 lakh children die due to contaminated water and 40% of children skip school in search of water.
  • Most of the water purifications systems in India use the old technology which is not feasible and takes lot of time to purify.
  • This clearly offers tremendous scope and opportunity to do more in this sector.