Social Entrepreneurship

Social scheme for provision of safe drinking water across India and creating opportunity for the unemployed

Over 30% of the nearly 7 lakh villages in India do not have access to water even today. Over 30 Lakh Indians die each year due to water borne diseases caused by drinking unsafe water. Smaat India, the pioneer in spreading the message of safe drinking water through well researched water purification plants, now brings the dream of valuable drinking water to everyone’s reach. This dream we have named 99K ENTERPRISE.

99K ENTERPRISE Scheme: This scheme is designed to primarily provision safe drinking water through installation of water purification systems for colonies at a cost of Rs. 99,000/- in communities with about 200-300 families, that can help sustain it as a social enterprise. This works in multiple ways by not only providing safe drinking water but also providing direct and indirect employment to several unemployed youth and improving the lives of the local communities.

Opportunity for Social Entrepreneurship: Unemployed youth, housewives, retired individuals, physically handicapped, unemployed, college students, or individuals who wish to have a second income; in fact, anyone can use this opportunity to financially and socially benefit. Further through this opportunity a precise family mapping of the user communities is possible which can also generate additional and sustainable revenues to the entrepreneur while offering value added services to the user families.

*How you can be a Social Entrepreneur in this endeavour? – Individuals or small groups desirous of taking up this entrepreneurship will have to arrange a certain premises in their village or residential area with enough available raw water, to install our Water Purification Plant. Smaat India will install an electronic card operated drinking Water Vending Machine that can supply a minimum of 2,000 litres of pure drinking water a day. This machine will be installed by taking a deposit of Rs, 99,000/- (Rupees Ninety Nine Thousand Only) from the entrepreneur. These machines that normally cost around Rupees Fifteen Lakhs are provided at this cost as an investment by Smaat. The entrepreneur will have to pay 20% back to Smaat India on every litre sold.