• Reduction in water borne diseases, sanitation related diseases, etc.
  • Reduction in open defecation and protection of women from embarrassment in defecating in the open as toilets will be constructed close to homes of women instead of travelling miles for toilets.
  • Increase in income levels of people by making them participate in various commercial activities.
  • Self sufficient in grain/crop production, clean drinking water, clean energy, hygienic practices, etc.
  • Skill Development for the unemployed youth.
  • This concept will see a boost for other sectors like Healthcare, culture, manufacturing, environment, sanitation, etc.
  • Increase in tourism since there will be sufficient resources like boarding, lodging, water, greenery, etc.
  • This scheme will also help the planning commission since families will be tapped. The Government will be in a better position to provide schemes for such families (in terms of food, housing).